Why eat Organic?

Did you know that when you eat vegetables that are not organic, you are also eating numerous chemicals?

They are grown using herbicides, pesticide’s and insecticide’s.

Not only that but animals that are not reared organically are pumped full of antibiotics and growth hormones. They grow quicker, get sick less and therefor turnover is higher, meaning money is quicker in the pocket.

Most of these chemicals leave residues on the final product that you buy and eat. These are known to cause numerous health problems to humans including various types of cancer.

This is something that I personally don’t want my children to be eating. I feel it is so important to teach children at a young age that what they eat can have a big impact on their health as well as being detrimental to the environment.

To me this is a major reason for turning to the organic option. I really feel that the key is education, when people know the facts, they can make an informed choice. This then gives people more control over their lives. I believe this should start at a young age, through parents and schools alike.

Do the schools in your area offer education on healthy eating?

Thank you for reading, See you all soon,

Leah x

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